Advanced Phenotypic Analysis


Veterinary Microbiology

Biolog's Microbial ID Systems are the preferred platform for Animal Health laboratories worldwide.   Our unique technology can rapidly identify over 2,500 species of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts and fungi. These easy to use systems provide reference laboratory quality identifications. Biolog Systems do this without the labor-intensive requirements of conventional strips or panels. There is a Biolog System for any size laboratory, from full and semi-automatic to manually read systems.

Key Reasons Why Veterinary Professionals Choose Biolog's Systems

  • A single GEN III test panel identifies >1,300 bacterial species
  • Large database including > 350 animal pathogens
  • No Gram stain, pre-tests, or follow-on tests
  • Higher ID rates and no off-line testing reduces lab costs
  • Simple, one minute set-up equals less hands-on time and lower labor costs
  • One plate does it all – fewer panels to QC, stock and inventory
  • Customizable database allows addition of new and unusual species
  • Multiple levels of automation for any size lab or budget


See what Animal Health Professionals are saying about Biolog

“The diversity of Biolog's database is what caught our attention. The ability to start an ID before we even looked at the Gram stain was appealing. The GEN III has been particularly helpful in identifying Gram negative environmental organisms and isolates from exotic animals & wildlife. It's wonderful to interact with a company that stands behind their system and takes such pride in it like Biolog does!”

Sonia W. Lingsweiler B.S., SM (NRM)
Assistant Dept. Head, Bacteriology
Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory





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