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Choosing the Right Microbial Identification System

November 29, 2018 at 8am PST / 11am EDT

Mixed cultures can have a major impact on identification accuracy with any system. Join us for a brief webinar where we will discuss mixed cultures and how to avoid them. Webinar Topics Include: • Pure Culture Techniques • How to Spot Mixed Culture • Genotypic vs Phenotypic Identification Methods

Past Webinars

Analyze Mitochondria at Higher Resolution

If you are using Seahorse in your research and are interested in mitochondrial function, Biolog would like to invite you to a 30 minute webinar to introduce MitoPlates™. This complementary technology will allow you to evaluate substrate and inhibitor characteristics of mitochondria using 96 well plates that will provide you with valuable information with short […]

Choosing the Right Microbial Identification System for Your Lab

Considering which microbial ID system is best for you? Want to know more about how Biolog’s Advanced Phenotypic Technology can provide you with biologically relevant information in addition to a species level ID? If so, please join our webinar for an overview of our Microbial Identification Systems.

Gut Microbiome: New Approaches to Analysis

Biolog invites you to a live webinar presentation on gut microbiome analysis Dr. Barry Bochner, CEO and CSO will introduce solutions to: Study the metabolism of gut communities Analyze the metabolism of individual anaerobic bacteria Improve cultivation of anaerobic bacteria Study microbiomes from a phenotypic perspective

Mitochondrial Function Assay Technology – A Leap Forward

MitoPlates™, a new way to study mitochondrial function. January 23, 2018 10:0 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) Dr. Barry Bochner will share details about: • A new approach to studying the functional properties of mitochondria • Preconfigured sets of 96 mitochondrial function assays • MitoPlate S-1: 31 substrates providing mitochondrial metabolism information • MitoPlate I-1: […]

A Webinar on Filamentous Fungi

An introductory presentation on filamentous fungi. Webinar Topics Include: Fungal Contamination Fungal Identification Identification Methods Using the MicroStation™ to Identify Fungi